Toyota Makes a Limousine Using the Tundra Concept

Every year, automotive makers meet at the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show to display their creativity in making concept cars. The automotive industry’s sharpest minds and interested parties have a few days to marvel at the hotness of the specialty products. 2015’s SEMA show was a show like no other. Toyota blew up the minds of the attendees when it presented the Tundra concept in reality. Not that it was the first time for Toyota to display an interesting concept, but the Tundra concept was on a level of its own.

The stretched fancy-truck concept, suitably named the “Tundrasine”, is an incredible transformation of the Toyota Tundra 1794 Edition 4X4 CrewMax into a stupefying Toyota limousine. People literally feasted their eyes on this wonder and couldn’t believe that the humble Tundra had been made so mighty. People asked what Toyota builders were thinking and they got the answer. “People have seen plenty of limousines before, but never one quite like the Tundrasine,” said Steve Applebaum, the national marketing manager. Surely, it was quite an intriguing surprise to everyone. At the first glance, the advancement of the Tundra concept into reality seemed like a total joke but Toyota confirmed the reality.


Just like the Texas-themed Tundra, the luxurious Tundrasine has a 5.7 L V8 engine. It stretches to about 26 feet in length and the wheelbase is around 20 feet. This big Toyota wonder is covered in Midnight Black Metallic paint that amplifies the original look to a new lush look. The 26-foot stretch is not plain. There are eight doors that fill up the space and give entry into the monster Tundra.

The interior of the Tundrasine is highly customized to provide unmatched comfort and luxury. The seats aren’t the usual free-for-all leather thing fitted in most limousines but highly-customized brown leather seats with detached arms, reclining foot rests and side-supporting head rests. Mood lighting spices up the luxury of just about any ride in this super limo. This design was inspired by the luxury private jet design. A first class flight on a prestigious airline would be a good example of the feeling one would get riding in the Tundrasine.

The Tundra concept focused on all the good features of the Tundra pickup and then added a super-limousine idea and private jet inspiration to come up with the ambitious Toyota limousine. This was a unique choice of ideas that bore something not even SEMA would have predicted. The height and width remained unchanged but the Tundrasine packed some extra pounds. The weight of the curb increased to 7978 lbs – a significant addition to the weight of the Tundra. The total added weight is about 2228 pounds. This weight would definitely put a lot of stress on the engine. Toyota did not indicate whether or not the engine had been modified to handle the extra weight added.

Though many automotive marvellers longed to see this showstopper in the market, they will have to wait a little longer. In fact, it might not happen anytime soon as Toyota has never indicated any interest in introducing the Tundrasine to the limo market. One of the possible reasons could be the definite nature of the market and the fact that limos are preferred or kind of identified with certain demographies.

Toyota has been able to present itself amazingly year after year through showcasing out-of-this-world idea developments and custom cars. As the premier automaker claims, it has a lot to celebrate and the SEMA spirit reminds it to imagine, innovate and build. Toyota takes stock builds and transforms them into custom vehicles that inspire the generation to the future. It doesn’t matter how far into the past a stock build lies, Toyota will find a way to come up with something incredible. With some of the best builders in the world, Toyota is bracing itself for future shows including the SEMA Battle of the Builders that showcases the craftsmanship of top automotive customizers from all market segments.

The SEMA show attracts more than 2,500 product displays to the Las Vegas Convention Center each November. It gives attendees a great chance to market their products, meet and network with like-minded people and celebrate the brightest builders of the world. Of course, the attendees also get a rare opportunity to interact and take photos with the builders and the thousands of interesting products.

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