Finding Cars And Vans For Hire In Oxfordshire


Whether you own your own car/van or not, there are several occasions that call for hiring services. You may be on vacation several miles away from home, visiting a relative who lives up country where you do not want to take your beloved car, or simply need to hire some cars and vans to take care of different transportation needs. Regardless of your reason, it should not be a daunting process to hire cars and vans. In fact, there are several companies that offer cars and vans for hire at any time. Whether you are looking for vans, cars, minibuses, estates, pickups, MPVs, vans or trucks, there are many companies like Eurdrive that specialize in offering such cars for hire and you can check them out here. However, not all offers you get will be attractive. There are just as many cases of disappointments as you will get of satisfaction and overwhelming service. Therefore, it is advisable to review these offers before contracting them.

Things To Consider Before Hiring A Car

The first step to take when you want to hire cars and vans is evaluating your unique needs. This involves deciding on the car and model you want, number of seats, mileage and age among such aspects. Once you know exactly what you want, you can then go ahead and find out what existing offers include. Some of the aspects to review when looking for car and van hiring services include the following;

  • Legal paperwork, equipment and process – Most reputable companies that offer cars and vans for hire will take care of all the legal paperwork required to issue self-drive vehicles for hiring. They will also provide equipment (jacks, wheel spanner, spare wheel…) required setting you up on the road. Do not expect any overwhelming documentation as such companies already have the framework to take care of all processes. However, you must carefully read through every line of the contract before you sign it, especially on details of liability and insurance policy.
  • Company reputation – Although this is a no-brainer, it is still very important to examine. Reputation is the best way to gauge if a given company can be trusted to provide reliable car and van hiring services to its clients. Companies that have been consistently providing exceptional car hiring services will definitely enjoy a good reputation within the areas they serve. A brief evaluation of the user reviews, comments, complaints, testimonials and opinions will give you sufficient insights about the nature and quality of service provided. You can also look through expert review sites to collect more tips about a given company and their services.
  • Professionalism and experience – It is usually recommendable to contract long-serving companies that have been providing opportunities to hire cars and vans for a while. This does not mean that new companies cannot provide reliable services; rather, long-serving establishments are simply better placed to meet your needs and probably have streamlined service delivery frameworks perfected over the many years in the industry. Such companies also have a large portfolio to review and it is easy to gauge their reputation in the market.
  • Policy and flexibility – This is the trickiest part of hiring cars and vans. Most companies will be ready to issue their cars and vans without considering various things, since they know their policies tie you several oversights and negligence. As aforementioned, you should read through the whole contract and hiring policy to know exactly what you are getting into, the total amount you will pay and liabilities you may incur for various occurrences. Reliable companies have flexible policies that can be adjusted to suite client needs including the option for reducing or extending the length of hire.
  • Communication services – Exceptional communication is another important aspect when it comes to hiring. You should be given the full details of your hiring contract and a list of contact options you can call to make any changes or provide necessary reports. Car hiring companies generally operate on a 24-hour service basis and can be contacted at any time of the day or night. The important thing here is to have efficient communication channels and flow of information.


There are obviously various other minor things to ponder before you hire cars and vans. Matters of quotes and total cost are all very crucial when making the final decision. Make sure you review all the above aspects before comparing prices. It is generally advised to choose credible licensed car hire companies that are known to provide several top quality models for residents in your area.

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