Luxury Car Window Repair and Replacement

Owning a luxury car gives you the pleasure of the above-average performance, style, and comfort that lacks in other classes of cars. To properly maintain the structural integrity and performance of your expensive automotive, it’s customary to ensure that any issue is resolved quickly, by the best service and using the best tools and methods.

Auto glass damage is one of the relatively small issues that compromise the structural integrity and safety of the car. While this damage more often happens to the car’s windscreen, side windows are also vulnerable to cracks and chips. When a car window is broken, you are exposed to health risks related to the weather. The car and valuables inside it are at an increased risk of theft. It is, therefore, important to have your luxury car side window damage corrected at the appropriate time.

Should The Car Window Be Repaired Or Replaced?

The decision of whether to repair or replace your side window is a critical one. Usually, most small cracks and chips can be repaired. A qualified auto glass technician needs to evaluate the damaged glass to make an informed decision. The evaluation of the damage should concentrate on the type, size, location, and depth of the damage. The decision taken should produce results that ensure the high quality of the luxury car is maintained. How do the four factors influence the decision of whether to repair or replace a car window that’s damaged?

1. Size And Depth Of Damage

Chips with a diameter of about one inch and cracks up to three inches long can be repaired easily. A larger chip or crack normally requires that the side window is replaced. However, some modern repair shops have adopted new technologies that make it possible to repair bigger chips and cracks.

2. Type Of Side Window Damage

Some types of cracks and chips are easier to repair than others. The following damages are simpler to repair:

  • Bulls-Eye (caused by circular objects)
  • Partial Bulls-Eye (damage is not completely circular)
  • Star Break (short cracks originating from the impact point)
  • Crack Chip or a Ding (a single crack with the size of a quarter)
  • Pit (missing small piece of glass)

A car window with multiple cracks is more challenging to repair. Window replacement is the better option.

3. The Location Of The Damage

Damage can occur at a critical position such as in the driver’s line of sight. In such a case, even the smallest repair may fail to deliver the required quality and safety standards for a luxury car. Other damages happen near the edge of the window and diminish its strength, integrity, and bonding to the frame. A repair may not provide a lasting solution in such a situation. It’s safer and economical to have a replacement.

You should also consider insurance before deciding whether to go for a luxury car window repair or replacement. Thus, a good understanding of the vagaries of auto insurance is required to make an informed and comprehensive repair/replace decision.

Choosing The Best Car Window Repair and Replacement Service

In addition to being trained and experienced, auto glass experts and their stores should be certified by the Auto Glass Safety Council. Certification serves to ensure that high standards of quality and service are maintained in the industry. When searching for auto glass expertise, only consider AGRSS-approved auto glass stores and certified technicians as you can find on With them, you’ll be sure that the best hands and minds are working on your luxury car window damage. If it’s a repair, you can expect to have your car back in less than an hour. Even if it’s a replacement, you rest assured that the right methods and materials are used during the installation and your car will emerge out of the auto clinic as good as new.

Whenever a driver notices a crack or chip on the car’s window, a couple of things or so should run through his/her mind. One is that a slower speed is better to ensure his safety and that of passengers. Two, small cracks often get longer and before you know it, you’re dealing with a more serious problem that you first thought. Three, contaminants can accumulate inside chips and cause further damage to the car window. Delaying a repair makes it harder and can result into an undeservedly expensive replacement.