Finding Cars And Vans For Hire In Oxfordshire


Whether you own your own car/van or not, there are several occasions that call for hiring services. You may be on vacation several miles away from home, visiting a relative who lives up country where you do not want to take your beloved car, or simply need to hire some cars and vans to take care of different transportation needs. Regardless of your reason, it should not be a daunting process to hire cars and vans. In fact, there are several companies that offer cars and vans for hire at any time. Whether you are looking for vans, cars, minibuses, estates, pickups, MPVs, vans or trucks, there are many companies like Eurdrive that specialize in offering such cars for hire and you can check them out here. However, not all offers you get will be attractive. There are just as many cases of disappointments as you will get of satisfaction and overwhelming service. Therefore, it is advisable to review these offers before contracting them.

Things To Consider Before Hiring A Car

The first step to take when you want to hire cars and vans is evaluating your unique needs. This involves deciding on the car and model you want, number of seats, mileage and age among such aspects. Once you know exactly what you want, you can then go ahead and find out what existing offers include. Some of the aspects to review when looking for car and van hiring services include the following;

  • Legal paperwork, equipment and process – Most reputable companies that offer cars and vans for hire will take care of all the legal paperwork required to issue self-drive vehicles for hiring. They will also provide equipment (jacks, wheel spanner, spare wheel…) required setting you up on the road. Do not expect any overwhelming documentation as such companies already have the framework to take care of all processes. However, you must carefully read through every line of the contract before you sign it, especially on details of liability and insurance policy.
  • Company reputation – Although this is a no-brainer, it is still very important to examine. Reputation is the best way to gauge if a given company can be trusted to provide reliable car and van hiring services to its clients. Companies that have been consistently providing exceptional car hiring services will definitely enjoy a good reputation within the areas they serve. A brief evaluation of the user reviews, comments, complaints, testimonials and opinions will give you sufficient insights about the nature and quality of service provided. You can also look through expert review sites to collect more tips about a given company and their services.
  • Professionalism and experience – It is usually recommendable to contract long-serving companies that have been providing opportunities to hire cars and vans for a while. This does not mean that new companies cannot provide reliable services; rather, long-serving establishments are simply better placed to meet your needs and probably have streamlined service delivery frameworks perfected over the many years in the industry. Such companies also have a large portfolio to review and it is easy to gauge their reputation in the market.
  • Policy and flexibility – This is the trickiest part of hiring cars and vans. Most companies will be ready to issue their cars and vans without considering various things, since they know their policies tie you several oversights and negligence. As aforementioned, you should read through the whole contract and hiring policy to know exactly what you are getting into, the total amount you will pay and liabilities you may incur for various occurrences. Reliable companies have flexible policies that can be adjusted to suite client needs including the option for reducing or extending the length of hire.
  • Communication services – Exceptional communication is another important aspect when it comes to hiring. You should be given the full details of your hiring contract and a list of contact options you can call to make any changes or provide necessary reports. Car hiring companies generally operate on a 24-hour service basis and can be contacted at any time of the day or night. The important thing here is to have efficient communication channels and flow of information.


There are obviously various other minor things to ponder before you hire cars and vans. Matters of quotes and total cost are all very crucial when making the final decision. Make sure you review all the above aspects before comparing prices. It is generally advised to choose credible licensed car hire companies that are known to provide several top quality models for residents in your area.

Toyota Makes a Limousine Using the Tundra Concept

Every year, automotive makers meet at the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show to display their creativity in making concept cars. The automotive industry’s sharpest minds and interested parties have a few days to marvel at the hotness of the specialty products. 2015’s SEMA show was a show like no other. Toyota blew up the minds of the attendees when it presented the Tundra concept in reality. Not that it was the first time for Toyota to display an interesting concept, but the Tundra concept was on a level of its own.

The stretched fancy-truck concept, suitably named the “Tundrasine”, is an incredible transformation of the Toyota Tundra 1794 Edition 4X4 CrewMax into a stupefying Toyota limousine. People literally feasted their eyes on this wonder and couldn’t believe that the humble Tundra had been made so mighty. People asked what Toyota builders were thinking and they got the answer. “People have seen plenty of limousines before, but never one quite like the Tundrasine,” said Steve Applebaum, the national marketing manager. Surely, it was quite an intriguing surprise to everyone. At the first glance, the advancement of the Tundra concept into reality seemed like a total joke but Toyota confirmed the reality.


Just like the Texas-themed Tundra, the luxurious Tundrasine has a 5.7 L V8 engine. It stretches to about 26 feet in length and the wheelbase is around 20 feet. This big Toyota wonder is covered in Midnight Black Metallic paint that amplifies the original look to a new lush look. The 26-foot stretch is not plain. There are eight doors that fill up the space and give entry into the monster Tundra.

The interior of the Tundrasine is highly customized to provide unmatched comfort and luxury. The seats aren’t the usual free-for-all leather thing fitted in most limousines but highly-customized brown leather seats with detached arms, reclining foot rests and side-supporting head rests. Mood lighting spices up the luxury of just about any ride in this super limo. This design was inspired by the luxury private jet design. A first class flight on a prestigious airline would be a good example of the feeling one would get riding in the Tundrasine.

The Tundra concept focused on all the good features of the Tundra pickup and then added a super-limousine idea and private jet inspiration to come up with the ambitious Toyota limousine. This was a unique choice of ideas that bore something not even SEMA would have predicted. The height and width remained unchanged but the Tundrasine packed some extra pounds. The weight of the curb increased to 7978 lbs – a significant addition to the weight of the Tundra. The total added weight is about 2228 pounds. This weight would definitely put a lot of stress on the engine. Toyota did not indicate whether or not the engine had been modified to handle the extra weight added.

Though many automotive marvellers longed to see this showstopper in the market, they will have to wait a little longer. In fact, it might not happen anytime soon as Toyota has never indicated any interest in introducing the Tundrasine to the limo market. One of the possible reasons could be the definite nature of the market and the fact that limos are preferred or kind of identified with certain demographies.

Toyota has been able to present itself amazingly year after year through showcasing out-of-this-world idea developments and custom cars. As the premier automaker claims, it has a lot to celebrate and the SEMA spirit reminds it to imagine, innovate and build. Toyota takes stock builds and transforms them into custom vehicles that inspire the generation to the future. It doesn’t matter how far into the past a stock build lies, Toyota will find a way to come up with something incredible. With some of the best builders in the world, Toyota is bracing itself for future shows including the SEMA Battle of the Builders that showcases the craftsmanship of top automotive customizers from all market segments.

The SEMA show attracts more than 2,500 product displays to the Las Vegas Convention Center each November. It gives attendees a great chance to market their products, meet and network with like-minded people and celebrate the brightest builders of the world. Of course, the attendees also get a rare opportunity to interact and take photos with the builders and the thousands of interesting products.

Luxury Car Window Repair and Replacement

Owning a luxury car gives you the pleasure of the above-average performance, style, and comfort that lacks in other classes of cars. To properly maintain the structural integrity and performance of your expensive automotive, it’s customary to ensure that any issue is resolved quickly, by the best service and using the best tools and methods.

Auto glass damage is one of the relatively small issues that compromise the structural integrity and safety of the car. While this damage more often happens to the car’s windscreen, side windows are also vulnerable to cracks and chips. When a car window is broken, you are exposed to health risks related to the weather. The car and valuables inside it are at an increased risk of theft. It is, therefore, important to have your luxury car side window damage corrected at the appropriate time.

Should The Car Window Be Repaired Or Replaced?

The decision of whether to repair or replace your side window is a critical one. Usually, most small cracks and chips can be repaired. A qualified auto glass technician needs to evaluate the damaged glass to make an informed decision. The evaluation of the damage should concentrate on the type, size, location, and depth of the damage. The decision taken should produce results that ensure the high quality of the luxury car is maintained. How do the four factors influence the decision of whether to repair or replace a car window that’s damaged?

1. Size And Depth Of Damage

Chips with a diameter of about one inch and cracks up to three inches long can be repaired easily. A larger chip or crack normally requires that the side window is replaced. However, some modern repair shops have adopted new technologies that make it possible to repair bigger chips and cracks.

2. Type Of Side Window Damage

Some types of cracks and chips are easier to repair than others. The following damages are simpler to repair:

  • Bulls-Eye (caused by circular objects)
  • Partial Bulls-Eye (damage is not completely circular)
  • Star Break (short cracks originating from the impact point)
  • Crack Chip or a Ding (a single crack with the size of a quarter)
  • Pit (missing small piece of glass)

A car window with multiple cracks is more challenging to repair. Window replacement is the better option.

3. The Location Of The Damage

Damage can occur at a critical position such as in the driver’s line of sight. In such a case, even the smallest repair may fail to deliver the required quality and safety standards for a luxury car. Other damages happen near the edge of the window and diminish its strength, integrity, and bonding to the frame. A repair may not provide a lasting solution in such a situation. It’s safer and economical to have a replacement.

You should also consider insurance before deciding whether to go for a luxury car window repair or replacement. Thus, a good understanding of the vagaries of auto insurance is required to make an informed and comprehensive repair/replace decision.

Choosing The Best Car Window Repair and Replacement Service

In addition to being trained and experienced, auto glass experts and their stores should be certified by the Auto Glass Safety Council. Certification serves to ensure that high standards of quality and service are maintained in the industry. When searching for auto glass expertise, only consider AGRSS-approved auto glass stores and certified technicians as you can find on With them, you’ll be sure that the best hands and minds are working on your luxury car window damage. If it’s a repair, you can expect to have your car back in less than an hour. Even if it’s a replacement, you rest assured that the right methods and materials are used during the installation and your car will emerge out of the auto clinic as good as new.

Whenever a driver notices a crack or chip on the car’s window, a couple of things or so should run through his/her mind. One is that a slower speed is better to ensure his safety and that of passengers. Two, small cracks often get longer and before you know it, you’re dealing with a more serious problem that you first thought. Three, contaminants can accumulate inside chips and cause further damage to the car window. Delaying a repair makes it harder and can result into an undeservedly expensive replacement.

Luxury Car and Limousine Rentals Available at the Airport: Don’t forget to check these things

Hiring a luxury car rental service is a critical decision. The premium service fees charged might not be a major concern but the nature and significance of the occasion for which the service is hired is always a big concern to clients. A thrilling and flawless ride is almost a necessity for a special event to be complete. No one wants a hitch in transportation during their special event and that’s why luxury car and limousine rentals should do everything possible to provide top-of-the-ladder service.

There are many factors that determine the number of reservations received by a luxury car rental. The most crucial factors concern the staff, fleet, and the comfort and safety of the client. If these factors are well-taken care of, the business is able to provide the best value of money to its customers. So, what would a luxury car rental customer look for to ensure they get the best luxury car rental service? What should the business owner do attract referrals and reservations to his luxury car rental business?


Educated and trained chauffeurs

Running a luxury limo service is expensive but that’s the standard of the industry otherwise hence the word luxury would be meaningless. An unscrupulous limo service provider will find it easy to contract cheap untrained staff. This is a big compromise to the quality of service provided. The driver must be a trained and certified chauffeur who is proud of his/her profession. They understand that the service should be maintained to the highest standards and it’s not just a matter of rushing from one point to the other. They know the routes to all luxury places where clients can get top-class accommodation and entertainment. Their unfailing commitment to their job enables them to be reliable and trusted.

The driver tenure speaks volumes about the company. If the driver doesn’t receive gratuity or it’s not included in the “service charge” section, a big question should ring in a customer’s mind. Is the driver being cheated? Is the company’s disreputable? The general rule of the service industry is that the best professionals go where they receive the best pay.

Chauffeurs and other drivers for hire vehicles must undergo a background and physical check and issued a license. The certificate should be placed inside the luxury car whenever the customer is in the car. When screening different services, it’s good for a client to ask about this license.


The fleet

The first sensation that a customer should get upon seeing the fleet should be luxury. The fleet should be as extensive as possible. Some customers have narrated some of the disappointing experiences they’ve had with luxury car and limousine rentals. One of the most common is being told that the car they want is booked so they have to settle for a less luxurious brand. A reliable luxury car rental company should showcase its fleet in their website and flaunt only what can be available for hire. Flaunting just to create a marketing blitz can work against the business. Luxury SUVs are great for transporting small groups around the city or to and from the airport while roomy luxury cars can accommodate larger groups and their luggage.

The fleet should be well-maintained. The interiors should feature prime design and material to provide the highest level of comfort and pleasure. On the outside, the cars should be polished to the scratch to bring out the true meaning of luxury.


Safety, security, and insurance

The safety of the ride is based on the chauffeurs character and conduct and the features of the car and service. Driver screening is very important. It ensures that the driver is in good terms with the law. Drivers build the reputation of the luxury car and limousine rentals. If a driver isn’t careful on the road, the safety of the clients is at risk. The company should have stringent rules and regulations to govern the conduct of their drivers and clients should be informed about them. Some luxury car rentals require that all tips given to the driver are delivered to the company in an envelope instead of giving them directly to the driver. This reduces cases of drunk drivers.

Insurance is a factor many clients confirm before making a decision of hiring any car rental service. The company should have a dependable coverage from a well-known insurance vendor. Insurance terms and conditions should be well explained to make sure the client feels in safe hands as they enjoy the luxury.